Spare parts of high voltage switch equipment

Spare parts of high voltage switch equipment are mainly applied in the whole set of switch equipment. The main products include tulip contact and similar products, fixed contact and contact arms, flexible connectors, conductive holder, support etc. Machined parts, stamping and spinning parts (for electronic vacuum devices), metal turning and milling parts, other traditional processing methods such aslathe, milling, planing, grinding and benchwork. Tooling moulds: they arecurrently produced by our company, which can be roughly divided into drawdown mould, punching mould, forming mould, compound mould, assembly positioning mould and pulling fixture according to its functions.With accumulated experiencein mold design and trial production for many years, our mold structure is reasonable and practical.The dimensional accuracy in design is up to 0.05-0.30mm, and the tolerance of shape and position is up to 0.05-0.30mm.We can design and manufacture all kinds of special moulds and fixtures according to customer's requirement.

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