Baoguang’s Vacuum Interrupter for Localized CRH Train and High-speed Railway Train Use Successfully Passed Full Type Test

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Recently, a newly vacuum interrupter for high-speed rail vehicle developed by Baoguang has successfully passed the type test, breaking the monopoly on core components of foreign on-board circuit breakers for many years, and contributing Baoguang’ power to the localization of vacuum interrupter for CRH train and high-speed rail vehicle.

This newly developed vacuum interrupter is a special product for long-life single-break on-broad circuit breakers. It is independently designed and manufactured by Baoguang and has a full set of independent intellectual property rights. It passed full type test on National Railway Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and National Electrical Appliance Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center at one time.

The designed parameters of this product are 250,000 times for mechanical life, 150,000 times for electrical life, and rated voltage of 31.5kV. After the product successfully passed mechanical life test for 250,000times, electrical life test, temperature rise test and insulating test at the test station sucessfully, it also conducted additional mechanical life tests at the customer's factory. The tests show that the product fully meets national standards and some indicators are superior to those in foreign products after mechanical life test for 500,000 times.

As one of the key technology innovation projects for China XD Group in 2020, with Baoguang ’s 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of vacuum interrupters, this product applies advanced simulation technology in design, focusing on long mechanical life, extra-long electrical life, high reliability requirements, high-strength main circuit structure design, long-life bellows design and fatigue life verification, excellent pressure-sharing shielding system design, breakthrough the technology on stable long-life bellows manufacturing and quality control during manufacturing process, ensuring "double "Long" (long mechanical life, long electrical life) index.

In recent years, Baoguang has kept pace with the times and cleverly grasped the development opportunities. The design level and manufacturing technology on vacuum interrupter's long life and high reliability have developed rapidly. This type of vacuum interrupter developed by Baoguang has passed rigorous test verification, and it proved that the performance of domestic products can be comparable to foreign products, which has broken the monopoly situation of core components of foreign on-board circuit breakers for many years.

As a vacuum interrupter manufacturing enterprise under China XD Group, Shaanxi Baoguang Vacuum Electric Device Co., Ltd. actively bears the responsibility of central enterprises, answers to the government's call, dares to innovate continuously, overcome difficulties, breaks foreign technical barriers, and contributes to the continuous progress towards high-end Chinese manufacturing. Baoguang will use this product as a chance to seize the opportunity for new infrastructure construction, cooperate with the vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers, and quickly expand the promotion and application in the field of rail transportation, and strive to achieve the goal of full-scale localization of on-board electrical equipment as soon as possible.高铁.png

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