Successful Accomplishment of the 6 Millionth Vacuum InterrupterShaanxi

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Baoguang Vacuum Electric Device Co., Ltd accomplished its 6,000,000th vacuum interrupter on 22th September 2016, which set up a new record, and made Baoguang the first enterprise of which the output of vacuum interrupter reached 6 million in Chinese electro- vacuum industry, both its sale and production volume is very big.

The successful accomplishment of 6 million vacuum interrupters was a new milestone in the history of Baoguang.From China s first commercialized VI to the accomplishment of the 6,000,000th VI,the achievement was made up of great effort and expectation, and it witnessed the rapid development of Baoguang.Each vacuum interrupter from these 6 million ones carried the responsibility and diligence of Baoguang people. Baoguang will take this as a new start to further improve its product quality & customer service to enrich the meaning of Baoguang brand, and to provide high quality, high efficiency and reliable products to be the leading VI manufacturer and supplier in the world.

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