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Health Care Real Estate Acquisition Advisory Services

Since the inception of our Practice M&A Division in 2016, we have noted a significant challenge posed commonly within the Healthcare Industry when a client is buying or selling a practice. The Commercial Real Estate. In many cases, the building owned by the seller has become a "sticking" point in the negotiations of the practice sale/acquisition. 

As a result, we had to creatively facilitate a means to fairly and promptly facilitate the real estate aspect of the project, or in many circumstances, the whole transaction would "go away".  Initially, we reached out to familiar investors to assist in acquiring the real estate so our client could complete the acquisition or sale of the practice without the real estate involved.

In a short period of time, we were presented with this scenario "in bulk" due to new relationships we had established with nationwide focused group practice acquisition teams. So, we created an entire business model surrounding this very need, portfolioing qualified investors all over the country who could promptly act to acquire healthcare real estate. Today, we have been entrusted by two  DSO's, multiple practice brokerages, and group practices throughout the country 

Whether you are involved in a practice transition on the buy or sell side, or simply want to reduce the strain of commercial real estate ownership in general, call our experts to set up a free, non-binding consultation to find out how we may help you best.